Is Cedar Wood Perfect For Outdoor Furniture

Cedar trees flourish in the Pacific Northwest in the United States and Canada. Most cedar is harvested in Washington State and British Columbia. best stain for cedar siding

Trees that grow there have developed properties to protect themselves because the weather’s damp and insects, fungus and microorganisms are abundant. These self-protective mechanisms help them to fend off rot and insects. In addition, since cedar trees have adapted to temperature related stress, it’s a very useful wood for both furniture and home building where variable temperature and high humidity can be a problem. Cedar, prized for both its durability and natural beauty, is a porous light wood.

One of the reasons that cedar is perfect for outdoor furniture is that it has phenomenal dimensional stability. This means that cedar won’t change its size or shape no matter what nature throws its way. That’s why many people choose outdoor furniture such as cedar Adirondack chairs and tables for their backyards and patios.

Cedar wood is relatively impervious to changes in temperature and humidity. While most woods warp when they are subject to moisture, cedar wood stays flat and straight. That’s also why cedar is often used for house siding.

Cedar has a beautiful grain. Expertly painted or stained cedar will highlight the lovely texture of its grain with the colors of your choice. However, if you want your cedar stained it will require a bit more maintenance on your part than other woods. In order to preserve the “look” you will have to re-stain it (or re-paint it) semi-annually.

However it’s not necessary to paint or stain cedar furniture. Because cedar has natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties you can also leave your wood untreated and not have to worry about excessive rotting, cracking or warping. Keep in mind that the color will change over the course of time due to the change in weather.

None-the-less, whether your cedar furniture is painted, stained, or left in its natural state, like any other outside furniture you will be able to get many additional years of use if you wash it annually. Just mix some soap and water and add a little bit of bleach and you have your cleansing solution.

As far as furniture goes, a minor, yet interesting fact is that because cedar is porous it also absorbs noise. Because its cells are made of air instead of sap, next to cork it’s one of the best insulators available.


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